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The Beiras

The Beiras form the dividing line between the green northern region and dry south region of Portugal. The Beiras, made up of three provinces, is not seen as the great tourist region of Portugal; these provinces are and have been important for trade and defence, which in the past was of great import. Throughout the whole region traces of foreign occupation can be found.

Conimbriga is the most important Roman location of Portugal. The Romans were already living here in the 2nd century BC., but before this there had been a Celtic settlement. Coimbra the capital of Beira Litoral and the 3rd city of Portugal gets its name from Conimbriga. Afonso Henriques (The king of the new Portugal) moved his court to Coimbra, that is why Coimbra had been the capital city of Portugal for over a century.

The battles that took place in this region have left their marks behind. There are many reinforced castles and fortresses in this area, especially along the eastern border where lots of forts are to be found, because they were seen to be vulnerable on account of the Spanish. These forts were put to the test during the war of independence against Spain in the 17th century and against Napoleon's troops, but nowadays it is wonderful to be able to walk around and see these forts. The Beiras are also known for their fine food, especially the best loved cheese from Portugal, the sucking pig and a number of local red wines.

Albergue do Bonjardim is situated in the village of Nesperal, in the centre of Portugal, about an hour and half's drive from to the Atlantic Ocean and the Spanish border. The highest mountain of Portugal, the Serra da Estrela is about two hours drive away. Lisbon and Porto are a little further than two hours drive away from Albergue do Bonjardim. Coimbra takes about an hour and a quarter to drive to.

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